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Get connected with a PreScreened Appliance Repair technician in your area. Where state licensing is required, our team will verify that the appliance repair company is properly licensed. We include their license number, expiration date, and license type.

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If you have a plumbing need, we can connect you with a PreScreened Plumber in your area. Whenever a state requires a plumbing license, our team will verify that the plumbing company listed is properly licensed. We include their license number, expiration date, and license type.

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Photo Booth Rentals

We are please to announce our newest category, photo booth rentals. Photo booths are a popular past time that are making a resurgence as new technologies hit the market. Our featured partner in this business is Extravagant Photo Booths. This company offers a unique blend of high quality equipment and enclosures with a surprisingly affordable price tag. They currently offer rentals in Orange County, CA and Bakersfield, CA, and have plans to open up San Diego, CA; Los Angeles, CA; and Las Vegas, NV by the by summer 2014.

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